Since the very first projects 10 years ago, FPT’s AI services have been helping organizations streamline, unlock the potential and conquer new heights. Never content with the status quoperationso, we constantly improve, innovate and tailor our projects to best suit the changing business climate.
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AI projects by FPT

2 Using AI to detect smoke and fire Manufacturing, Public N/A
3 Using AI to transform raster images to vector format Manufacturing CNN Hough Transform, Graph Theory
5 Using sensor-fusion and AI / Deep Learning in automous driving Automotive CNN, Reinforcement Learning, Behavioral Cloning, Depth Camera, GPS, Lidar, Embedded
8 Using sensor-fusion and AI / Deep Learning in automous driving Automotive CNN, Reinforcement Learning, Behavioral Cloning, Depth Camera, GPS, Lidar, Embedded
9 Using AI in image segmentation among road for vehicle, pavement for pedestrian Public YOLO, Multiple People Tracking, Cascade Classifier, CNN
14 Using AI to inspect product surfaces Manufacturing Computer Graphics Rendering
15 Using AI in auto-parking Transportation N/A
16 Using AI in train autonomous driving Transportation YOLO, FasterRCNN, Anomaly Detection
17 Using AI to detect automatic vending machines from dash-camera then automatically tag them to a map Transportation CNNYOLO, Inverse Perspective Transform, Tracking Algorithm
19 Using AI (graph matching) to compare old and new harness diagrams Automotive Catia Extractor, Graph Matching
20 Using AI to recognize man-hole/pot-hole on road surfaces Transportation YOLO, Tracking Algorithms
22 Using AI to detect processes in wind turbines manufacturing Manufacturing CNN + LSTM (Spatial Coherence)
24 Multiclass objects detection & tracking Transportation New Multiple Object Tracking Evaluation Protocol
27 Using AI in die-cast anomaly detection Manufacturing Random Forest, PDP, AWS, Django, Celery, Flower
28 PowerGrid inspection using AGV Utilities Autonomous Driving, CNN, Anomaly Detection
30 Realtime pedestrian detection on low-power device Transportation Customized YOLO, Embedded, NVIDIA
34 Vehicle data generation Automotive DCGAN
35 Using AI to monitor the operations in assembly lines Manufacturing Hand Detection, Pose Detection
36 Pose recognition for factory (safety) Manufacturing Pose Detection
39 P-list content check Automotive N/A
40 CAR INP CAE Post process Automotive N/A
41 C-Navi automation check Automotive N/A
44 AI-based CAE quality adjustment: using AI to evaluate the quality of engine design Manufacturing Convolutional Neural Network, Customized ResNet50
46 Concrete Truck Classification: using AI to classify trucks Transportation Convolutional Neural Network
50 Using AI/NLP to listen the response from market to Lexus SUVs Automotive Netbase, review text analysis
52 Machine anomaly detection using sound analytics Manufacturing Auto-encoder, LSTM, STFT
55 Using AI in 1-D simulation Manufacturing LSTM Autoencoder
57 Using AI in anomaly detecting base on automotive sensors Automotive Statistical Methods, PCA, Clustering, Moving Average, Isolation Forest, LSTM
58 Using AI in printer log error classification Manufacturing Random Forest, Neural Network
63 Using AI to examine skin cancer base on medical images Healthcare CNN, custumized balanced bath logic
65 Using AI to detect thyroid cancer Healthcare CNN, Retinanet, Optimization
68 Nail Finger Printer – segmentation of nail areas from palm images Healthcare Deep learning, image segmentation, IOS
69 Using computer vision to detect fallen people Healthcare,Manufacturing Planar Homography
72 Rust Segmentation using Deep Learning Manufacturing, Healthcare CNN, U-NET
73 PointCloud 3D (3D object classification) Healthcare, Manufacturing 33D rotational equivariance: Build a 3D filters which is rotational equivariant to recognize the any angle rotated objects in 3D space such as point cloud. Aim to improve model performance without data augmentation
77 To detect if a patient is fallen base on data sensor Healthcare Detecting the falling of human using wearable/portable device. The device was integrated with IMU sensor, and nRF52 BLE microprocessor. The signal is transmitted to user's mobile app to monitor the fall status. All data are stored on server and displayed on web app. It aims to extend for cardiovascular diseases monitoring by using ECG/PPG sensors.
79 Good Doctor Recommendation Healthcare Linear Regression
83 OCR for information extraction from medical form Insurance CTPN text detection, CTC loss deep text recognition
84 Use AI in insurance/health-care data analytics Healthcare, Insurance Double Machine Learning, GLM, Random Forest, Statistics
85 Using AI for insurance auto under-writing Insurance Decision tree models + Rule based. Web-app, back-end scheduled jobs.
89 Use AI for order sheet recommendation for banks Banking Random Forest, XGBoost, LightGBM
91 Anomaly detection for values in databases Banking Algorithms: variance, standard deviation, z-score, Interquartile range
92 Store shelf camera analytics Retail Fisheye Images Undistortion Algorithm
97 Yet another Amazon Go Retail Multiple Camare tracking, Face Recognition, Pose Tracking, CNN
99 News Monitoring System Marketing N/A
104 Using AI to optimize warehouse picking time Logistic Simulated Annealing
105 Data analytics platform to analyze user behaviors Retail Big Data, Data Lake, Data Analytics, Data Enrichment, Cloud
108 UTOP Recommender System: Apply for smart menu of Utop application AI model that computing the similarity between users/ items and returning the selective products users might be interested in. Retail Graph-based Recommendation, based on CF framework. Real-time & batch job processing. Use Neo4j, Kafka, scaling by Azure K8s
109 Using AI to estimate object density Public CNN + LSTM (Spatial Coherence)
110 Rip Current Detection Public YoloV3
112 Using AI to detect meaningful actions of human Public PoseNet, Autoencoder
116 Using AI to recognize actions of human Public Improved Trajectories, MBH, SVM
117 Toolkit for multi-person tracking algorithms Public MOT Evaluation Toolkit
122 Using AI on FPGA to recognize human poses Public Model Distillation
126 HSVAL-Children Protection: using AI to detect dangerous objects or obstacles; to understand emotional status and moving paths of children Public Object Detection, Object Tracking, Distance Measurement, Data Analytics, Data Processing
127 DeepLens Public N/A
128 German Voice Chatbot Public N/A
132 Using AI to track people in indoor environment leveraging person-deadlock-reckoning Public Dead Reckoning Algorithm for Multi-Mode Recognition
133 Use AI for electric power consumption prediction Utilities XGBoost, LSTM + Autoencoder
135 Using AI to improve the accuracy of image searching Productivity Tool Inception + Triplet Loss
139 Using AI in face recognition Public OpenFace, FaceNet, Haar Cascade, CNN, ResNet, Embedded, Depth Camera, Temperature Sensor, MTCNN
140 Using AI in video indexing Automotive SSD, FasterRCNN, U-Net, Computer Vision
145 Shrimp monitoring and analysis system Agriculture ANN, LSTM, CNN, SSD
151 Using AI in OCR and text extraction Productivity Tool FOST, CTPN, Tesseract
153 akaOCR/akaDoc Productivity Tool N/A
154 Auto-labeling tool Productivity Tool YOLO, Faster RCNN, U-NET, SSD, Mask R-CNN, Cloud
157 Using AI in spelling check Productivity Tool N/A
160 IT Support Email Chatbot Telecommunication N/A
161 Digital Advisor HR IBM Watson
162 Automated Call Center Airlines N/A
163 Virtual assistant using automatic speech recognition Productivity Tool ASR, STT, TTS, LSTM
164 Trigger word detection Productivity Tool LSTM
165 Neural machine translation with attention Productivity Tool LSTM, Bi-direction RNN, Attention
167 Causality Inference (Research, implement and write report on the survey data) Productivity Tool Pytorch, Causal Generative Neural Networks(CGNN), Structural Agnostic Model (SAM)
171 Reinforcement Learning for Atari Games Leisure, Entertainment FQN, Deep Reinforment Learning
172 House Price Prediction Real Estate ANN
173 Predict hit song based on (melody, author, artist and other meta data) Leisure, Entertainment Spectogram Analytics, LSTM, Wavenet
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